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Successfully align your business with EU -Taxonomy and a trusted partner at your side.

Together with an Experienced Partner Manage the Challenges of EU -Taxonomy

Evaluating business activities according to EU -Taxonomy rules can quickly become a complex matter for your company: Different people have to jointly evaluate a multitude of criteria for locations, products, projects and suppliers. These differ individually depending on the activity. And this should ideally be automated, regardless of how many data systems are affected.

As a trusted partner, we work with you to develop a conceptual approach that fits your company, your processes and the people behind them. With our software, we ensure that you fulfill all reporting requirements in an efficient, highly automated manner. We support you in your transformation towards sustainability.

Integrated Solutions for your Needs

1. Screening

Your product portfolio or your economic activities are analyzed and evaluated according to the valid criteria grid of the EU. These include Eligibility, Technical Screening, DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) and Social Safeguard.

2. Create a Data Basis

The non-financial data generated in the screening assessment is merged with the related financial data “such as Turnover, OpEx and CapEx” from the ERP systems and consolidation procedures are defined.

3. Consolidation and Reporting

The screening results as well as the related financial data are consolidated, audited and automatically provided for the consolidated financial statements.

4. Auditing & Testing

Our software ensures a transparent and traceable data situation down to the processes of data collection. Consequently the reported values are always auditable.

The Audit requirements for non financial information are increasing.

In addition to the financial information that must already be audited with reasonable assurance by auditors, (...) the non-financial information must also be audited with reasonable assurance.”

Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IDW)

in 'Future of non-financial reporting and assurance', 2020

What is the EU -Taxonomy?

With the European Green Deal, the 27 EU member states want to make the transition to a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy and make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. To achieve this, the economy and society must be realigned in many areas. Through the EU -Taxonomy, private investment will be steered towards activities, technologies and companies that implement sustainable and environmentally friendly measures and have a positive impact on the climate balance.

But: The EU -Taxonomy is only the beginning of a series of further reporting regulations that companies will face and for which a generally applicable technical system is needed.

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Our Solution for You: ePBN

(Ecological Planning, Budgeting and Navigation)

A system for strategic and operational management of measures to achieve non-financial goals:

• The agile management system for complex interdependancies

Regardless of how complex the relationships to be mapped are, we work with you to develop the necessary functional and technical structures to shape the future sustainably:

• We make complex interrelationships controllable and the future shapeable

Along your 'activities', i.e. your products, projects and productions, the EU -Taxonomy key figures are recorded and aggregated:

• You fulfill your reporting obligations with us in a transparent and auditable way

What Exactly Does a ePBN Do?

The agile management system for complex cause-effect relationships

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Your Advantages with hfp

Consulting and Expert Knowledge

As a trusted partner, we work with you to develop a customized path that best fits your business, your processes and your people. We ensure that you meet all your reporting obligations - in the most efficient way with a high degree of automation. And we support you in transforming your company towards sustainability.

Increase Your Impact

How 'green' are you compared to your competitors? Benchmarking puts pressure on companies to continuously improve sustainable KPIs. Defining coherent strategic target systems enables your company to effectively implement right actions against a backdrop of conflicting goals.


We ensure the traceability of your non-financial information. Company-wide coordinated processes, transparency and documentation are the basis for a successful external audit.

Automation of Data Collection

Our software can not only handle bulk data coming from different sources - and link them together in terms of your company's reporting obligations and sustainability goals - but also ensure that you can collect all non-financial data and process it as required.

Created for Impact

Achieving better effects, whether in politics or business - that was the reason for founding hfp in 1996. Since then, innovative methods and techniques have been combined to create management systems that make us a pioneer in this field.

The EU -Taxonomy is just the beginning of further challenges for companies in the private sector. Let's meet this challenge together - with ePBN.

Let's tackle your challenges together and make a lasting impact.

Our software solution is already the reference system for non-financial targets and key figures for the public sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - and is now also available for the private sector.

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High Performance

We want to achieve the best with you and for you. That is why we stand for high commitment and performance. Analytical, systematic and passionate, we master your challenges with excellent technology.


With an agile mindset, we proactively respond to ever-faster changing conditions. Agile technology enables flexible adaptations that are precisely tailored to your specific goals and requirements.

Future Proof

Together we want to ensure a responsible and sustainable future. That is why we are forward-looking and anticipate change. We combine the most diverse goals and activities and give you the assurance that you are doing the right thing for a sustainable future.



Making a difference together. Contact us and let's start together into a sustainable future. We look forward to hearing from you!